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Member of the Jordan Bar Association with strong interest in Banking law and litigation.  Previous experience with legal consultation and research, as well as several years with legal pleading preparation and delivery. Mohammed posses outstanding research and documentation skills in Arabic, and he is skilled at authoring and reviewing legal contracts and agreements, investigating complaints, preparing responses, and interviewing potential clients and witnesses. Professional at preparing court documents and subpoena requests.  Able to learn and apply information effectively. Excellent presentation and communication skills.


personal Information


Name: Mohammed Ali Abandah.

Date & Place of Birth: 22.8.1976 Jordan.

Nationality: Jordanian

Tel: 962 (79) 50 40 480



2000 Present                 Dajani & Associates Attorneys & Legal Consultants.           

Attorney at Law/ Private Mediator  

n     Senior Attorney at Law in the Dajani & Associates handling various cases and claims for national and international clients.

n     Handling all work concerning assigned cases, including document production, pleadings, contracts and agreements and court documents.

n     Respond to customer claims, regulatory inquiries, and document production requests.  Conduct legal research, compile information on cases.

n     Communicate with various entities and attorneys to gather information.

n     Coordinate 80 to 100 cases per year.  Train new paralegals.  Recognized for Outstanding Performance.

n     Provide Mediation Services to Private and Organizational Clients in both Legal and Civil Issues.


1998 2000                    Arab Bank Legal Department                           

Trainee Lawyer

n     Prepared court documents, and appeared in several cases on behalf of the bank for in the court.

n     Helped in preparing and reviewing legal documentation, contracts and agreement as a part of the legal department of the Arab Bank.

n     Supported the attorneys, assisting with over 100 cases annually. 

n     Scheduled appointments, obtained and reviewed medical records, subpoenaed witnesses.



1998 2000                    Sweilem Nussaier's Law offices

Trainee Lawyer

n     Assisted in various work of the law office as a trainee.

n     Assisted in handling and managing cases related to Banking Law in the office.

n     Supported the attorneys at the office.

n     Prepared court documents and appeared in the court.

Education &Memberhips


1998                           University of Jordan                         Amman, Jordan

n     B.A., Degree in Law

n     Member of the Students Council


2000                           Jordan Bar Association                      Amman, Jordan

Certified Lawyer in Jordan


2007                          American Bar Association Jordan   Amman, Jordan

Private Mediator



n     "Banks' Civil Liability towards Their Actions", as a requirement for membership in the Jordan Bar Association. 2000

n     The Civil Liability of Banks for its Banking Operations.2000

n     The Rate of Interest in the Jordanian Legislation and Jurisprudence. 2001

n     Civil Procedures Law Lecture 2003

n     Income Stamps Charges Act Lecture 2003

n     The Legality of "Letter of Credit" to the bank past its expiration date Lecture 2003

n     Execution Law Research Supervisor 2004

n     Jordan Commercial Law Amendments Study presented to Jordan Bank Association 2004

n     Electrical Networks and their affect to Civil Rights - Symposium 2006

Training Courses


n     Basic Mediation training for Private Mediators, American Bar Association Jordan training at Grand Hyatt Hotel, Amman, February 2007.

n     Global Wealth Structuring, at the Citigroup Private Bank Jordan, October 2004.

n     Amendments to Civil Procedures Law Lecture 2001/ Jordan Banks Association

n     Amendments to Criminal Procedures Law Lecture 2001/ Jordan Banks Association

n     Means of Detection of Forgery, at the Arab Bank, 2000

n     Documentary Credits, at the Arab Bank, 1999.

n     Banking Guarantees and Letters of Credit, at the Arab Bank, 1999.

n     Banking Legislation, at the Arab Bank, 1998.



All references are furnished upon request